eau de parfum

rose synactif


product information

A subtle sophisticated fragrance that gently touches your body and mind as delicate chiffon caresses skin. Delightful and enduring, this exquisite parfum evokes ultimate beauty as luxurious elements become one with skin.


Formulated with a skincare fragrance that enhances radiance.
●Unites with skin, inspiring new potential and a sense of contentment as if purified from within.
●Created with a base note of Rose Synactif, a fragrance that has received worldwide acclaim and expresses graceful beauty and dewy translucence.



The Symbol of Perfection

Beauty that inspires. Awarded gold medals for its beauty and fragrance at the Paris Bagatelle Rose Trials, Rose Synactif is the essence of Synactif skincare. Symbolizing perfection.

Adorning the lid of the 2017 set, the mauve flower graces each formulation in the Synactif range. Awakening the senses.

Purity Meets Beauty

The packaging a reflection of the power within. Each lid with the contours of a rose petal. Clear at its top, denoting the purifying effect of Synactif.

Transforming from noir sophistication to the mauve of the Synactif Rose. Inspiration. Ultimate beauty. Its delicate notes a luxurious part of the Synactif experience.