An icon of ultimate luxury.
Treasured for the potential it holds.
With Skin-Empowering Illuminator
— in the highest concentration of
any Clé de Peau Beauté creation —
to help skin achieve and maintain its optimal condition.

High Potency of
Skin-Empowering Illuminator

Unlocking the power of Skin Intelligence
for radiance that evolves day-by-day.

A New Era of Radiance

Formulated with a rare bio-ingredient,
CeraFerment Extract, designed to
help skin feel rejuvenated from within.

Creating the Exquisite

Infused with over 60 carefully selected
ingredients combined in a rigorous process

Results after Use

Tested in South Africa
by 100–103 Caucasian females aged 40–68,
July 25–October 18, 2018.

Radiance that Evolves Day-by-Day

Building on our new theory of
Intuitive Skin Science,
in Autumn/Winter 2019 we launched
Key Radiance Care

– a skincare ritual
to help enhance Skin Intelligence*.
With continued use,
the ritual can help skin to appear
more vibrant with improved tone,
and grow more radiant with time.

Now, in Spring/Summer 2020,
La Crème incorporates this technology
in higher potency
any other
Key Radiance Care product.
A powerful final step in
an empowering daily routine.

Use in the final step of an evening
skincare ritual
–and discover radiant, rejuvenated-looking skin comes morning.

*Skin Intelligence is the fundamental ability every person’s skin has to distinguish between good and bad stimuli to maintain its optimal condition on the epidermis level for vibrant and healthy-looking skin.

Attention to Each
Luxurious Detail

Every consideration made towards
designing an elevated experience.
From the texture and colours of
the hand-finished box,
to the softly rounded jar
that sits beautifully in the hand.

The rounded square decided upon early in the design
process to sit beautifully in the hand;
a pleasure to hold.
Delicately multifaceted, like a precious gemstone
enveloped in brilliance.
Epitomising Clé de Peau Beauté’s commitment to
advanced science and extraordinary luxury.

A cutting-edge moulding technique required to
surround the metallic-gold inner rim with a new
dimension of clarity. Under the lid, a gold-coloured inlay
engraved with the brand name. The golden key at the
top of the jar, a final touch of radiance, a testament to
the attention to detail underpinning the redesign.

The Evolution of La Crème

Clé de Peau Beauté stands at the
forefront of skincare innovation.
Since its launch in 1996, La Crème, the first-
ever night cream from
Clé de Peau Beauté
has been recrafted eight times,

with each iteration incorporating new
and highly effective discoveries.
Every generation of La Crème creates
further harmony between

its 60+ ingredients for an exceptional texture.


The first Clé de Peau luxury moisturising cream (known as Nutritious Cream).
Created to help skin maintain its moisture balance and function well.

Enhanced its formulation to prevent skin from becoming rough due to dryness

and UV rays – helping to retain smooth, supple and youthful skin.

Evolved into the first generation of La Crème
by Clé de Peau Beauté,
with the advanced technology that helped to brighten skin.

Developed into a more advanced cream
that counteracted various skin concerns
by harmful environmental factors,

creating resilient and luminous skin.

Evolved into a highperformance cream that helped to relieve temporary skin discomfort.

Saturated skin with vibrancy and vigor and
freed it from various concerns.

By adopting the Intuitive Skin Theory,
La Crème adapted its focus and added
its unique Illuminating Complex to help
skin glow from within.

Scientific advances saw the new formula
feature Illuminating Complex EX – the result
of research undertaken during the
development of Intuitive Skin Theory.

Moisturising and retexturising,
it helped skin feel firmer and more resilient come morning.

La Crème is reiterated in its most potent and advanced formula yet.
It incorporates technology to help enhance skin’s nighttime mechanism,
and contains a high-potency of Skin-Empowering Illuminator to enhance Skin Intelligence.


A breakthrough. An object of desire.
A masterpiece, recrafted.

High Potency of
Skin-Empowering Illuminator

Introducing Skin-Empowering Illuminator.
An advancement on the already groundbreaking Illuminating Complex-EX,

adding Perilla Extract and Angelica Acutiloba. Extract to
precious ingredients Platinum Golden Silk Essence,
Japanese Pearl Shell Extract and Theanine.
Helps to enhance skin’s intuitive ability to repair and defend itself.

Unlocking the power of Skin Intelligence for radiance that evolves day-by-day.

A New Era of Radiance

La Crème, applied in the evening, features the breakthrough complex,

Skin-Empowering Illuminator*
–in the highest potency of
any Clé de Peau Beauté product.

It enhances skin’s intuitive ability to repair and defend itself from damage caused by internal and external stressors.

In addition, the new La Crème contains CeraFerment Extract,

enabling skin’s ability to regenerate and become firm from within.

Effectively absorbed into the skin overnight,

it helps skin to feel rejuvenated and maintain a youthful, supple look.
Continued use reveals remarkable resilience and youthful density comes morning.

*Skin-Empowering Illuminator: A powerful and exclusive complex

that helps to enhance skin's intuitive ability to repair and defend itself.

Unlocking the power of Skin Intelligence for radiance that evolves day-by-day.

Creating the Exquisite

Infused with over 60 carefully selected ingredients combined

a rigorous process that takes
days to complete.
Each one incorporated at the appropriate and uniform strength,

for a precise amount of time, to create the luxurious texture.
Almost impossibly smooth and beautifully moisturising, La Crème softens into skin upon contact.

In the morning, skin feels renewed and resilient.


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