A luxurious, smoky look that
amplifies the confidence within.


  1. Sweep the color A of Eye Color Quad #305 on the inner corner and upper eyelid, up to one-third of the way from the inner corner.
  2. Working from the outer corner, sweep the color D on the upper eyelid, up to one-third of the way from the outer corner, and along the lower lash line, up to two-third of the way from the outer corner.
  3. Sweep the color B in the middle of the upper eyelid to fill the blank part between the color A and D.
  4. Extend the shadow upward using a clean brush.
  5. Apply Perfect Lash Mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes after curling them using an eyelash curler.


  1. Sweep blush along the cheekbones in a slanted oval shape.
  2. Luminizing Face Enhancer #17 After applying the first coat, apply a second coat to highlight the areas surrounded with dotted lines. We also suggest Luminizing Face Enhancer #18 to create a contoured look.


Apply Radiant Liquid Rouge Matte #106.