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intensive treatment

  • Intensive care

SI Lotion <Lotion-based remover>
3 mL x 6

SI Essence <Serum>
1.8 mL x 6

SI Mask <Facial sheet mask>
1 set x 6 packets

A weekly intensive skincare system designed to deliver intense moisture and vitality to fatigued-looking skin.

To Use:

  • ○Use weekly instead of your regular evening skin treatment.

  • ○Apply after cleansing.

  • Use in the following order: 1. SI Lotion, 2. SI Essence, 3. SI Mask

    * For SI Lotion and SI Essence, the cap opens automatically once it is unscrewed and the seal is broken.

  • 1. SI Lotion

    ・Always apply with facial cotton. We recommend using Clé de Peau Beauté le coton to enhance the effect of removing unnecessary horny layers of skin.

    ・Dispense the entire bottle of SI Lotion onto a piece of facial cotton, then slowly and thoroughly wipe the entire face. Repeat 2-3 times.

  • 2. SI Essence

    ・Dispense SI Essence onto the palm of your hand, then lightly massage the face with your fingertips working down toward the neck.

    ・Dispense the content of the SI Essence bottle in smaller portions and apply in layers. When doing so, there is no need to thoroughly blend in the essence.

  • 3. SI Mask

    ・Open the packet along the dotted line, remove and unfold the mask. The mask is separated into two parts, the top and the bottom.

    ・Place the mask on the face after removing the sheet from the back.

  • (1) Hold the sides of the bottom mask first, adjust around the mouth and place the mask so that both ends reach close to the center of the ears. Fit the chin area using the incision in the mask.

  • (2) Next, hold the ends of the top mask, adjust it around the eyes and then press the mask lightly onto the forehead and cheeks. Place the appropriate incisions in the mask on the nose and inner corner of the eyes.

  • * The mask will fit better if the incision in the mask for the nose is separated while holding down the area near the inner corner of the eyes.

  • ・Remove the mask after about 10 minutes.

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intensive treatment

Transform skin in 3 age-defying steps.



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