Skincare product information

refreshing nourishing emulsion /
gentle nourishing emulsion

  • Emulsion (for nighttime)
  • F: For a youthful, crisp finish
  • T: For a soft, dewy finish

Brilliant Cell Management achieves skin with radiance that emanates from within.

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*Brilliant Cells

Neatly aligned corneocytes with ideal nanostructures which form skin's texture and are capable of producing and capturing light on their own.

A luxurious nighttime emulsion that helps maximize skin's natural cell renewal for increased moisture, resilience, and glow.

To Use:

  • ○Use at night after applying skin conditioning lotion. Pump the dispenser twice (1.5 mL) onto a piece of facial cotton. Place the cotton on the middle and ring fingers, and secure with the index and little fingers. Thoroughly apply by following the contours of your face.

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émulsion fraîche / émulsion tendre

refreshing nourishing emulsion /
gentle nourishing emulsion

Nurture your radiance at night.



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