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intensive eye contour cream

  • Cream (for eyes)

It's so unique, it comes with a platinum eye massager. This sumptuous cream deeply moisturizes skin to deliver radiance three ways - unprecedented texture, tone, and dimenstion. Suddenly, your whole face lights up.

To Use:

  • ○Apply after your regular skin regimen at night, and in the morning, apply before sunscreen products that are used to block ultraviolet rays.

  • ○Apply about a rice-grain portion (around 0.05 g) to each eye, and smooth with fingertips.

  • ○The Platinum Eye Massager, a massage tool exclusive to the product, delivers moisture.

Use the Platinum Eye Massager after applying the standard amount of the cream to the eye area.

  • 1

    Glide the massager starting from the inner corner of the eye, then under the eye above the cheek to the corner of the eye (6 times).

  • 2

    Glide in a spiral motion toward the temple (3 times).

  • 3

    After gently pressing the inner corner of the eyebrow, glide outward below the eyebrow (over the bone) and then move around the eye in a circular motion (3 times) and finally press on the temple.

4Now, exercise the area around the eyes. Open the eyes wide, hold for 5 seconds, slowly close the eyes to a squinting position and then hold for 5 seconds (repeat 3 times).

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