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intensive brightening mask

  • Whitening mask
  • ・Mask I Mask (top portion)
    11 mL x 6 sheets
  • ・Mask II Mask (bottom portion)
    14 mL x 6 sheets

This high-performance treatment mask is designed to visibly reduce age and sun spots with powerful brightening ingredients and exquisite moisture.

To Use:

  • *Steeped in essence. Handle with care as lotion can drip when removing the mask from the packet.

  • *The mask is separated into the top (Mask I) and bottom portion (Mask II). When applying, open the packets for the top and bottom masks separately; place the bottom portion first (Mask II) and then the top portion (Mask I).

  • ○Use approximately once a week after applying skin conditioning lotion.

  • ○After removing the bottom mask from the packet, gently open the sheet and hold on to the far sides of the mask.

  • ○Adjust the mask around the mouth and gently pull the mask so that the ends are fixed on the side of the face close to the ears.

  • ○Then attach the folded portion from under the chin and fix along the contours of the face.

  • ○Now remove the top mask from the packet, gently open the sheet, and hold on to either side after unfolding the portion for the eyes.

  • ○Adjust the mask around the eyes, gently press the mask on the cheeks and the areas under the eyes, and then fit the mask on the nose.

  • ○Lastly, fit the eyelid portion of the mask and then press the mask all over with the palm of your hands to ensure it has adhered to the face.

  • ○Remove the mask after 10 minutes and blend in the essence left on the skin.

  • *If using whitening serum, apply before using the mask.

  • *Can be used daily when protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays.

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