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eye and lip makeup remover

  • Makeup remover (for eyes and lips)

Brilliant Cell Management achieves skin with radiance that emanates from within.

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*Brilliant Cells

Neatly aligned corneocytes with ideal nanostructures which form skin's texture and are capable of producing and capturing light on their own.

A gentle yet effective eye makeup remover that quickly lifts away long-wearing and waterproof make up from the delicate eye area.

To Use:

  • ○Shake well before use as this is a dual-phased formula.

  • * We have allowed some room inside the top of the container to make it easy to mix the content when shaking.

  • ○Before removing makeup, dispense an adequate amount (1 mL) on facial cotton, apply on eyelids and lips and gently wipe off.

  • ○Thoroughly remove eyeliner by using the corners of a quarter-fold piece of facial cotton.

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démaquillante yeux et lèvres

eye and lip makeup remover

A delicate lotion that gently, yet thoroughly removes makeup.



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