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cleansing cream

  • Makeup remover

Brilliant Cell Management achieves skin with radiance that emanates from within.

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*Brilliant Cells

Neatly aligned corneocytes with ideal nanostructures which form skin's texture and are capable of producing and capturing light on their own.

A cleansing cream that quickly and effectively removes all traces of make up.

To Use:

  • ○Dry hands and dispense around 3 cm of the cream on the palm of your hand, then mix in a spiral motion with your fingertips. Apply on face and mix well with foundation and other impurities, then gently remove with tissue paper or thoroughly wash with water, either lukewarm or at room temperature.

  • ○Wash with cleansing foam, etc. after use.

crème démaquillante

cleansing cream

Uncover beautifully bare, purely radiant skin.



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